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Solar Panels In Texas

All about the Texas solar industry with links to articles of interest and places where you can save money on solar products and systems.

About Solar Panels In Texas

Texas is fast growing in solar installations and has replaced California as #1. Texas is expected to keep this #1 rating for years to come.

About my experience with solar in texas

Hi My name is William,

I have been involved in the solar industry for the past year. I came very close to getting a solar energy system installed on my rooftop in May of 2022 but some issues came up. One of the biggest issues was the price I was quoted for the solar system the company offered. The other issue was that my roof was the original one from 2005. It looked really old but I also found out that there was hail damage from an earlier storm. The roofing professional that I had gotten was one of three that showed up for an appointment to inspect my roof. I stayed with the roofer that showed up. He later met with my insurance adjuster and too my surprise the insurance company approved me for a brand new roof.

Hi, I'm William, the owner of this website, SolarPanelsInTexas.org

I got my new roof in August 2022 but have held off getting solar.
I am now working on several solar websites to inform people all about solar and the tricks of the solar industry. I have had 7 solar presentations at my dining room table and have learned a lot. I have spent hours and hours writing articles about solar panels and how to build a solar panel system.